Read our case study on how Telxius uses VC4-IMS

How VC4 created a unified view for all Telxius's stakeholders

Find out how Telxius uses VC4’s network planning and inventory solution

Wonder how VC4 IMS can help your business? Learn from our past. With Telxius, a fast-growing provider of telecommunications infrastructure and services,  for instance we created a unified view for all stakeholders and we guided their digital transformation journey. Read the case and learn how Telxius embarked on a programme of automation, in order to transform service delivery.

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  • Why Telxius needed a solution that could provide a consolidated view of all assets - physical, logical and virtual
  • How the project fundamentally impacted every stakeholder of Telxius
  • Why VC4-IMS was chosen
  • Outcome of the project: what does it mean for Telxius?
  • The results: how Telxius secured lasting value with VC4-IMS

Find out what value VC4 IMS can add to your business and learn about our experiences. 

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About Telxius

A global digital telecommunications infrastructure operator

Telxius is a global telecommunications infrastructure provider operating an extensive network. With more than 94,000km of highcapacity fibre optic submarine cables, Telxius runs 93 Points-of-Presence (PoPs), in 23 countries. The network is used to deliver a
range of carrier and colocation services, including such as Carrier Ethernet, leased and private lines, custom DWDM propositions and IP
connectivity, as well as value-added options for security and more.

See what Telxius is managing with VC4 IMS:



Telxius and VC4 IMS Case